Write for Us

Hey there! Karelle here. We’d love to hear your pitch. Bay View Gourmet is looking for people who can create an article from one of these categories:

  • Food insights and tips that you’ve learned from your travels
  • Awesome baking and cooking techniques or ideas
  • Suggestions on growing food in your backyard
  • Food-related articles our readers will enjoy

Think you have the chops to write an amazing food guest post? Send your ideas to us first. If we give you the green light, your article must follow these guidelines:

  • The minimum word count is 800 words. More is better, so long as it doesn’t get too boring to read.
  • The article should be free of typos, grammar errors and factual boo-boos (we’re allergic to fake news). Don’t forget to check your stuff before sending it to us.
  • Your guest post should be original and unpublished
  • The article should be easy and fun to read.
  • Add a picture of yourself together with a short bio.

Please give us time to check your submission.

Happy writing — and eating!

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